March 27, 2019: Jukemodern Postbox

Celebrating some of the best tracks from the first “season” of PMJ along with, as always, some other great swing, jazz, and blues.

Spinitron Playlist

March 13, 2019: Does Whatever a Spider Can

Y’know what’s difficult? Not buying the streaming version of a movie while you are waiting for your physical copy to show up from preorder. Especially when that movie is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which was just so … damned … good.

Yes, yes, I know, first world problems, but still … the struggle is real. In the meantime, another week of great music including some new stuff and, because it is on my mind, a few Spider-Man tracks.

Spinitron Playlist

March 6, 2019: Fat Tuesdays & Skinny Wednesdays

We may be a day late, but we’re gonna celebrate Mardi Gras anyway with some great New Orleans jazz, blues, and swing. Strap in!

Spinitron Playlist