January 29, 2020: Easy Does It

We’re calming things down a bit after last week’s electroswing showcase, grinding down into the floor with some laid back swing and blues tunes featuring artists from Spain, France, and around the world.

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Art2020: Song of the Week #3

Currently calling this track “Yell Away” for obvious reasons. No, that’s not me saying “yellow” a lot, the lyric at the beginning is “Yell oh yell oh yell away.”

This is my take on a punk rock anthem? Maybe? I think the words are appropriately punk, even if the song itself leans a bit folky, like many of them do. This will require some clean-up and revision, but I’m pretty happy with the bones of the thing!

January 22, 2020: That Electroswang Thang

Even if it sounds new, Electroswing has been around at least since 2009, when the first White Mink: Black Cotton compilation came out and really set the genre on fire. Since then tons of electronic gurus have taken their turns at turning swing classics into Swing-Hop club tunes, and often with great success. It took awhile, but I’ve compiled enough music for a dedicated electro-show featuring electroswing, electroblues, swing-hop, and probably some other sub-genres as well. It’s a change of pace from the regular show, and we’ll be back to “regular” next week, but in the meantime, enjoy!

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January 15, 2020: New Tunes Boogalunes

Every once in a while a DJ falls down the “new music” rabbit hole and, hours and many dollars later, emerges with new tracks to delight and amaze! Some of the new tracks I picked up I am saving for a future show focused on the “electroswing” genre (so stay tuned!) but I’ve got some new stuff that I’m excited to share in this episode too, including tracks from Monkey Doo, Davina and the Vagabonds, Combo Royale, and others!

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