September 16, 2020: You’re Beginning to Be a Habit With Me

Does two shows make a streak? I’m saying yes. Good job, team, pats on the back all around. Too late to make it this week live on the air, but I’m going to post on the site anyway, as this is the (quote/unquote) permanent home of the show, while all other locations are temporary and tertiary.

As always, boatloads of new music, including tracks from Albanie Falletta, Birch Pereira, Canibal Dandies, Emily Estrella, Jonathan Doyle, Hot Sugar Band, and many, many, many more. Enjoy!

September 09, 2020: Back from the Brink

To say that it has been awhile could be considered an understatement. But, you know, things have been happening! I have bunches and bunches of new music to share, and it is my sister’s birthday, so here is a new show, just for her, but also for you. Yes, you. Enjoy, dance, and be well!