January 20, 2021: A Few of My Favorite Things

Happy Inauguration Day! I find myself filled with hope and optimism, almost despite myself given the past four years. I recognize that there are no magic bullets — politics in our country has a long way to go before I’d call the system ‘healthy,’ but I’m hoping this is a step in the right direction.

As for the event itself, Amanda Gorman was AMAZING.

In any case, this week’s show highlights things that make me happy.

Things like musicals (Guys & Dolls, My Fair Lady) and Harry Connick Jr. and Emily Cole and YouTube videos for Baby Can Dance and God Moves On The Water and swing music out of France and Israel and Turkey and all the other fabulous places where, as bad as things might get, people remember to swing!

So here are a few things that make me happy, and I hope they make you happy too!

January 20, 2021 Playlist —

December 30, 2020: After You’ve Gone

Dear 2020,

After you’ve gone, I won’t miss you at all.



Just a couple days left! In the meantime, here is two hours of great music to swing out 2020 and swing in 2021.


December 30, 2020 Playlist —

February 12, 2020: Whole Lotta Love

We’re closing in on Valentine’s day and hey, whether or not it’s a holiday one enjoys celebrating, it’s an excuse to dive in to some of jazz and swing’s great love songs.

Spinitron Playlist

December 11, 2019: Tous les Chanteuses

This week we’re celebrating powerful female vocalists, including Emily Cole, Clancye¬† Milne, Melody Gardot, Eva Cassidy, Mamie Minch, and more!

Spinitron Playlist

June 19, 2019: Juneteenth and Echoes of Sophiatown

It’s not quite a Juneteenth show, but I honor the day and share some great music, too, including new tracks from Stereo Donkey and a new album from The Pebble Shakers, Echoes of Sophiatown.

Spinitron Playlist